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What Are Internet Cookies

what are internet cookies

    internet cookies
  • Certain website use these to keep track of your online activities. You can use Registry Easy to scan, detect and delete these from your system.

  • A cookie, also known as a web cookie, browser cookie, and HTTP cookie, is a piece of text stored by a user's web browser.

    what are
  • Often, the population to be studied produces paired values, in other words, each individual or experimental result contributes a set of two values. This section briefly describes what bivariate data are.

  • characteristic features of science and how science differs from other areas of human knowledge

365 Day 335**

365 Day 335**

If you are able to read this right now, you likely live in some version of a western culture. And if so, have you ever wondered what it would be like to make money from this?

“This” meaning creating art. Taking, editing and selling photos to other people and actually maintaining a living off of it.

I know some that do it, several on the internet and some others in actual life. But most that make a living this way do it with what they refer to as “boring” stuff. This usually includes cookie cutter wedding shoots, mainstream portraits, etc. They use the money they get from that to maintain their hobby, which they typically refer to as “fun” stuff. That could really include anything, it just depends on your taste.

If you think about it, that makes no logical sense. Why do we as a culture value and pay more money for items produced by the artist that the artist themselves consider bland. But we as a culture do not put nearly as much worth in the items the artist REALLY want to create.

Do you think we live in a time in the year 2010 that puts much significance in art? At its core, we don’t. Yes we have people like me (and likely YOU reading this) who love to take photos, create our own “art”, and check out others showcasing theirs. But our civilization thrives on rights, individualism, happiness, and technology. NOT the artist creating beauty for all of us to see and enjoy.

Can you imagine living in a place in time where the artist is revered as the top dog? I’m not sure that would be an entirely good thing or not, but it is still interesting to think about.

I’ll end this with a question I ask most new people upon meeting them:

Who is the bigger genius?
William Shakespeare
Albert Einstein

You know my answer. And you know what? It is NOT an easy one. Don’t just throw out the popular answer. Think about what YOU deem most impressive about both men and let me have it.

The photo at hand? My daughter and I laying among the flowers at twilight. I manipulated the colors in such a way to bring out the various flowers in the picture.

Location: Martin Luther King Park; Oakland, California
Taken: November 7th, 2009
Posted: March 25th, 2010
**=continued from pimpexposure

262 - All day long

262 - All day long

Couldn't get out of the house today, so I took pictures of what happened in the kitchen, which is where I was the busiest (if you don't count internet poker :s).

I'm hoping to get better soon. I keep arguing with myself about how sick I am and then I wake up in the morning feeling like I've been beaten in my sleep. It is the suck. I feel a little better now that I've slowed down for a few hours, so no matter what, I'm getting the hell out of here tomorrow.

what are internet cookies

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